Beberapa tahun belakangan, seiring maraknya minat masyarakat terhadap investasi di logam mulia, tawaran berbagai ragam investasi emas datang menghampiri masyarakat. Platform investasi online lainnya adalah GandengTangan. Layanan crowdlending ini memberikan kesempatan bagi para investor untuk membantu mengembangkan bisnis pelaku UKM. Di sini para investor akan mendapatkan imbal hasil yang sesuai de

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It may well appear like a page from a sc-fi novel, however researchers at the University of Washington if have their way, implanted/inserted electronic devices may be able to change healthcare sector. Envision an equipped contact lens that would be able to gauge a diabetic's blood sugar level evaluating tears and send out signals/notifications to their smart phone/device whenever their blood sugar
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